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How to Begin, Establish and Manage Fundraising

When establishing a fundraising committee, it is crucial have a clear mission and purpose. People respond positively if they understand and believe in what they are supporting.

As you prepare a list of those you will be approaching to assist in fundraising, gather like-minded individuals who are comfortable speaking with your community. These forward thinkers are often the "movers and shakers." These individuals usually display a positive attitude and aren't afraid to ask questions.

Start with the known, what funds, if any are currently available. Then move on to a budget to determine your specific needs. Good leaders will clearly communicate the purpose of fundraising to improve some aspect of life. Clearly communicate how important the mission is to the community. This itself will bring with it good decisions. In respect to fundraising consistently emphasize the mission and/or purpose as being very good for WE, not just one or a few. Have the intent to be inclusive; for all to be a part of the progress in forming success on a larger scale.

Know something about those you are approaching. It is likely you will be more successful if you can identify with their business and people they are associated with. Do some homework first; ask, "What can we find out on our own?" Do they already have fundraising procedures in place that we can become familiar with? (i.e. their own fundraising forms, date specifications, limits on giving or who they give to, etc. You may this on a company's website.) If possible, find out who they've funded in the past. Determine who the correct contact would be.

Know in advance what you're asking for, not an exaggeration hoping you'll get part. When the actual asking comes, always remain positive even when turned down. As your mission moves forward, others will join in. Always keep a good attitude.

Once the committee has been formed, use business lists from the business associations and organizations in your community. Make a list of those you wish to approach. It is very helpful to have personal connections with the business that you are contacting. However, if this is not possible a clear presentation of your mission and purpose will bring success.

Communicate with each other and your community and HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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