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The City App includes the following features at no additional charge

Smart Direct From For The Win Interactive (FTW)

Smart Direct Overview

  • Smart Direct is a marketing technology platform targeting Mobile Phones
  • Provides a custom, branded application that runs on iPhone and Android (smart) mobile devices.
  • Allows businesses to engage customers by sending information directly to the smart mobile devices.
  • Four ways of message distribution: via Your Application, Text Messages, Facebook and Email delivery.


How it works

App start up

  • When the Smart Direct app opens, the app can display a marketing message.


Events Screen

  • The main function of the application is the list of events.
  • Each event would have its own top level menu item, which would then go to a specific event screen with contact information, event time, date and location.
  • User will be able to hit the location to go to a map with directions. The contact info allows the user to call or email.


Mobile Web Site

  • The second function of the application is displaying your mobile web site. Users will be able to access your site with one click, not pointless typing.
  • This will drive more traffic to your mobile web site.
  • Existing functionality, like photo gallery, will not have to be duplicated on the mobile device.


Mobile Contact

  • The third function of the application is allowing one click access to contact you.
  • 92% of searches on a smart phone are for business, according to Google.
  • 26% of those searches are to call the business. Make it easy.
  • Also, it provides one click mapping directions.



  • The fourth function of the application is to send notifications and marketing messages directly to your customers.
  • 97% of “push” notifications are opened. Users will see your messages.
  • Provides real-time updates to events.
  • Inform chamber members, or visitors, of breaking news and alerts.
  • Unlimited options to directly market to visitors, members or both.


How it Works

  • Representative signs in to FTW’s Smart Direct web site and sends a notification to the app.


User Experience

  • Once the message has been sent, the message displays on the user’s phone, even if the phone is locked.
  • Play an optional sound.
  • Displays the custom icon and name of your business.
  • Once the user opens their device, your Smart Direct Application will open.
  • When Smart Direct application opens, the app displays your branding.
  • Then, Smart Direct automatically displays your message.


More Features
Smart Direct also provides the following features:

  • Standard text messaging marketing.
  • Posting of marketing messages directly to your business’ Facebook page.
  • User can like your Facebook page on app start up.
  • Allow users to quickly call your phone number from application.

About FTW & Sample Portfolio

  • FTW founded in 2001
  • Clients include: Fidelity National Financial, TaylorMade, LPS, Oracle, Activision, Old Republic Title, Medtronic, Delta Airlines, Spearfish Chamber of Commerce, Black Hills State University, Perkins Restaurant and many more
  • PropertyForce Mobile is a Real estate and Title application.
  • Released version 1.0 in 2010, 2.5 in July 2012.
  • Installed by more than 40,000 realtors nationally



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