Holly Heath

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Growing up in a small town there was not a lot of places to go out for entertainment.  Entertaining happened at home.  This is where my love of music, family and fun started.  My Grandmother would be on the piano or organ with others joining in singing, playing different instruments. They never disappointed.  If music wasn’t live we always had music playing on the different devices available through the years. 

Music has always been part of my life.  The Blues has always been a favorite when going to college at the University of Nebraska Lincoln we had the legendary Zoo Bar for live music that continues to this day.  Which lead me to one of my favorite jobs working in the Blues bars in Phoenix Arizona that included Chars and the Rhythm Room we would get to see all the acts on their way to Los Angeles to play the House of Blues.  The talent and community built around that atmosphere was second to none.

My dream job I always wanted to have that same atmosphere.  When I relocated to Alliance, NE my opportunity came and who would have thought in my hometown of 8,000.  DownTown Events presented and I was ready to take it on immediately! How could miss out on a great opportunity to effect change quickly in a struggling downtown.

Through my relationships I built with DownTown Events’s Terri, Scott, Mary and Max. I am proud to say I am now part of the team! My dream.  Having worked with the Annie Creek formula for the last 3 years with great success.  I am pleased to share my experiences and help create your own!

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