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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to most questions and concerns can be solved with the decision “We are going to do this.” These are the obstacles and questions we see every place we go.  Notice these fears and doubts come after everyone’s recognized it’s a good idea to do this.  After a few weeks every town that has worked with us agreed this was a great idea and wished they had started sooner; obstacles became nothing. It takes good leadership, and part of good leadership is recognizing an opportunity for what it is rather than what you want it to be.  It takes a team and details are important, however; the details are what we offer.  The drive a leader takes should be to keep the momentum going and not give in to the naysayers and worry warts.  It just takes the decision to move forward.

How are we going to fund this?

  • The event can easily be funded through a mixture of sponsorships, fees and sales inside the event. We will guide you as to who and how to approach with information that will greatly contribute to your success in attaining sponsors and all other areas of funding.

What role do you play in actually starting the event?

  • There are many ways we help to get you started, including timelines, permit information, band and vendor contracts, templates for banners, and much more to choose from.  We guide you through specifics to organize, start, and sustain the event.  In addition, we will be there for the first event.  We want you to own the event and know how to maintain and grow it to benefit your community for years to come.

How do we deal with city/police officials?

  • We recommend direct involvement and we will help you guide them to see the positive aspects that will help their jobs be easier.  This is an opportunity to put a positive face on law enforcement.“Community engagement is a big aspect of an officer’s job, and far too often people think of civil service workers as only showing up when there’s a large problem.  Having an outdoor event series allows an opportunity to civil service workers to be a part of the community with a friendly face, or not, if necessary.” - Steve Allender, Mayor of Rapid City (former Police Chief of Rapid).

Do you have references from towns that have worked with your company?

  • Yes, we do.  We have references from City Counsel, Law Enforcement, Sponsors and many others.  You can visit our website for our list of references, and our homepage to read the many links we have to newspaper articles that have written of cities we’ve consulted with to get their events going.

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How do we get entertainment?

  • We have a database of bands we offer access to and will also guide you in information when choosing bands. Our experience and relationships can help get the bands you want at a lower price than you expect

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